Letters and Design

Letters and Design is an art studio based out of Chennai. The studio specialises in lettering, geometric and minimalistic illustrations using both traditional and digital mediums.

The primary goal behind the venture is to spread joy and positivity using art while being transparent about the journey as an artist. While the studio specialises in a geometric and minimalistic style, the artist wishes to explore various subject matters, styles and medium and grow as an artist in the long run.

After having detailed discussions we narrowed that the following words represent Letters and Design the best, they are passion, growth, joy and positivity.

The logo is a combination of a word mark and a pictorial mark. The word mark was formed by selecting the appropriate type and manipulating it to have a handmade (not perfectly straight edges) feel to it to represent a human touch as a piece of art is an artist imagination and work irrespective of whether its done traditionally or digitally. This handmade effect also helps break a formal look as the aim is to spread more joy and positivity.  

The pictorial mark consists of,

A sun with a heart inside of it to represent that we aim at radiating joy, positivity with love and passion.

The two stars emphasis the joy in creating art and being an artist as well as the primary aim of the studio to spread joy through art.

The heart inside the sun and the entire pictorial mark is at a 45 degree angle to represent growth.

The color palette,

#100910- represents luxury, power and sophistication.
#fffaee - represents warmth, happiness, optimism, creativity and originality.