Resources for Designers - Part 2

In today's blog post we will be covering part 2 of resources for designers. 


Are you a logo designer or just a curious person interested in knowing the meaning behind a company’s logo? 

Then check out 1000 logos. An interesting aspect of this website is that they cover how a company’s logo has evolved over the years.



Are you designing Saas landing pages and in need of some inspiration? 

Check out Saas Landing Page, consisting of over 700 landing page examples. They constantly update the website and also cover examples of other pages like contact, about, faq to name a few. Recently they have also launched a website for Saas app inspiration. 



Looking for some visual identity inspiration, check out Rebrand. An interesting feature is that you get to see the agency who has worked on the visual identity along with a link to the case study to dive deep into the thought process. 



Looking for icons and vectors to be used in your design projects?

Check out SVG Repo, a collection of open licensed SVG vectors and icons. 



Need some web design inspiration? 

Check out, where you can filter based on a particular page (landing, contact, faq, etc) or website builder used. They have a feature wherein you can see how the page looks in a mobile and they also extract the colour palette used.  


If you found this blog post to be useful, please consider checking out part 1. Thank you for reading, have a great day.