Resources for Designer - Part 1

Today's blog post is the first in a new series that I am starting titled “Resources for Designers”, where we embark on a journey to empower designers with a curated collection of tools, inspiration, graphic element libraries and more. 

I wish to share 5 such resources in each blog post and hope each post is of value whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your design adventure. 

Resource 1:  

If you are a designer looking for some inspiration then check out, off grid. You will find articles that take you behind the scenes of designers' minds, unravelling the thinking and process behind their standout projects.


Resource 2: 

Looking for some inspiration as a web designer? Check out landing love, a curated collection of some of the recent websites across various categories like portfolio, e-commerce, saas, agency, etc. 


Resource 3: 

Shortcut is a blog run by Figma, the tool loved and used by many designers on a day to day basis. In my humble opinion what makes shortcut standout is that they cover a wide range of topics ranging from tips and inspiration to motion, writing, design thinking, collaboration, career and education, product management, and the list goes on. 


Resource 4: 

Need inspiration for a website you are building? Check out one page love, a curated collection of websites covering a range of categories and tools. A few categories include non profit, startup, portfolio, finance, etc and the tools covered include webflow, shopify, elementor, framer, etc. 


Resource 5: 

Looking for some inspiration for your landing page? 

Then check out landing folio covering landing pages from diverse industries like Saas, AI, Crypto, Fintech and more. Apart from landing page inspiration you will also find an extensive component library for figma, webflow, tailwind, and more. 


With this we come to the end of part 1 of our new series titled “Resources for Designers”, if you found it to be useful kindly consider sharing the post with your friends and colleagues. Thank you and have a great day.