Brand Identity vs Visual Identity

The terms brand identity and visual identity are often used interchangeably. While they may seem the same these two terms carry distinct meanings and play a crucial role in shaping a  company’s image and perception while being interconnected. In this blog post we will cover the nuances of both brand identity and visual identity and understand what makes each unique and how each contributes to the overall essence of a brand. 

Visual Identity: 

It refers to the visual language that communicates a brand's personality and values to its audience. 

Elements of visual identity include: 


Colour Palette 



Graphics, Patterns and Icons 

Brand Identity: 

It is a broader concept that encompasses everything that depicts a brand such as brand values, mission, voice, personality and the visuals. 

Elements of brand identity include: 

Brand purpose and values

Brand voice and messaging 

Brand positioning 

Customer experience

Brand storytelling 

Products / services 

Visual identity 

To conclude while both brand identity and visual identity are distinct in their own ways, they are also interconnected. A clear brand strategy will help create a brand identity and visual identity that provides a memorable brand experience to our audience. 

A well-crafted visual identity captures attention and leaves a lasting impression, while a robust brand identity fosters a connection that goes beyond aesthetics.